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Why are waterjet cut steel targets preferred?

What's the difference between GongShot.com and the other companies selling targets online?

The biggest difference is how the steel targets are cut.  We cut all our targets in house with our own waterjet machine.

Our waterjet cut steel targets have no heat-affected zone. Cutting methods like plasma or torch cut steel and laser cutting create a H.A.Z.  The absence of a heat affected zone, means the material properties are unaffected and the targets are not subject to weakened areas around the cut edges or holes.

The hardness of the AR Steel is the same throughout the target as it is at the edge.

Since we cut all our own targets in house, if you need a custom shape, size or custom mounting created we can turn your order around faster and easier than other companies.



Below is an AR400 Steel Target shot from between 15yds. and 15ft. with a .40 S&W handgun.

Notice the hits right on the edge of the target and the steel surface is not even dimpled.